HRH Ibiza Cycle 9

Are you Ready for another Ride Out Rockers ? A cat has 9 Lives, sure you do too, Live It, Do It, Feel It !!

As we've all lived and found out numerous times over, this gig isn't a club nor a festival, but rather a Rock n Roll holiday that the weather can't spoil.  

For 2018 we're back in Ibiza...with a hunger and vengance for some more Rock n Roll frolics.  You'll be housed in the same hotels, and invade the same beaches.  But......the gig itself has outgrown its original home.  With 30% more tickets sold last year, and the same capacity expected for 2018, we're now looking fto lock a new experience and twist it up a bit, tall which will be announced in due course.  Flick in some Unplugged, curve balls and even giving some of the performing bands some challenges to recreate certain sounds n legendary periods and we have a mix that suits most.

For the last 8 years we've introduced this concept via the HRH loyal and The Dark Circle and slowly but surely more and more have got involved and worked out exactly what this is all about. Now in its 9 th summer, we want to make this next one just that bit more special, ride outs et al.

If you've done it, then you know the craic, so start spreading the word and let's see if we can get another batch of newbies out there to experience this truly wonderful event.  If you haven't had the pleasure yet, get on board for some of the most unadulterated Rock n Roll frolics ever. The Denim n Leather invasion of Ibiza,... now even the locals know it.....Road Trip is officially when winter ends in Ibiza and the summer season commences....This is when we drink the clubs dry, block up the streets with Harleys and rock out at a level that just yakks on any other holiday you have ever had or experienced. 118 Decibels via the legendary HRH Wall of sound.

This will be Ibiza at its prime, plus all the daytime Pool Parties ( ask anyone waht happened there, even more happening in 2018), Sunset Sessions, Grand Prix's, and Rock Boats.  There really is no other way to do it.......

So...C'mon and grab those cheap flights* early doors...grab some of your friends and make number 9 a trip we will all cherish forever...As our Dear Old Lost Brother Lemmy used to say:

"One More FKN Time..."

* Flights are a third of the rate when they go up, so cash in now brothers, they are on sale now

This year , We Came, Felt It, Seen It, Heard It, conquered it, Next Year we do it all in true HRH style full of our family shenanigans

Best leather speedos n bikini's ready, n hold on tight




HRH Watchtower